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History and Background
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For several years, a growing number of foreign investors have either moved or established their businesses in the Philippines. The trend was brought about by efforts of the Philippine government to continuously create an investor-friendly climate in the country.

A significant majority of these investors are Koreans who at present are among the top investors in the country.

To be able to cater to the growing population of Korean business in the Philippines, several Korean individuals found the need to establish a proper organization that would best assist the sector. Thus, in February 1994, representative from the different Korean associations in the Philippines agreed to form the Korean Chamber of Commerce Philippines, Inc.

The Chamber

The Korean Chamber of Commerce Philippines, Inc. (KCCP) is a private, non-stock organization composed of corporations, trade associations, private business persons and/or individuals who are engaged in/with Korean corporations and individuals in the Philippines.




Membership in the Korean Chamber of Commerce Philippines, Inc. would enable an individual or corporation to have: Promote and develop trade, commerce and industries by and between the Republic of Korea with the Republic of the Philippines and vice versa;
The chance to attend meetings and forums which serve as the venue to meet business leaders and other personalities from different industries where relevant and timely issues are discussed; Coordinate the efforts of the said two countries’ leaders devoted to the legitimate economic developments and industrialization of the Philippines;
Free newsletter and other publications which provide information of issues affecting the business community and other relevant topics; Promote Korea investments to and in the Philippines and guide investors to easily adapt to and in the Philippines;
Enjoy privileges/benefits from various MOA or Contract between KCCP and other parties; Promote exchange of ideas and information related to business, commerce, industry, agriculture, and other resources in the Philippines; and
Maximum protection from any illegal treatment/action; and Foster closer relations and friendship between Koreans and the people of the Philippines.
Free consultation on how to start business in the Philippines and other related issues.
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